Month: October 2018


As an artist, writer and just lover of nature, I am often moved by the beauty that surrounds us. It allows me to feel, see and touch the beauty of our connection to the Universe and Spirit.  And what astounds me in this acceptance of beauty is the healing nature of our awe.  We have all […]

People that Inspire Me… Who Are Yours?

There are moments in our lives when gratitude is the river we live in. And many times it shows up in people that inspire us. That keeps our dance of flow in ways that are immeasurable and so loving. Do you know what I mean? Let me tell you a story. Years ago, I was part of an […]

Have you thought about Vaping with CBD Oil?

Have you thought about vaping? Let’s talk about vaping with CBD oil and its benefits. Did you know that Vaping with CBD Oil: 26% of  Hemp CBD Oil users are vape users? Vaping is instantaneous relief for some people living with :  migraines,headaches, acute pain, most cancers, insomnia , high blood pressure, arthritis, anxiety, panic […]


Did you ever have an experience where you knew that your world was about to change? Well when I heard about this company Changing the Future Outcome, that is what it did to my world. Change your future! I knew that somehow I wanted to participate in this company, but being a newbie I was so […]

Living Boundlessly, Stepping into Success!

Living boundlessly and in success was so in my face this weekend. Guess what I did? This weekend I went to a place that was not on my bucket list, Las Vegas! And it was indeed an experience. I did have to get out of my own way and thoughts and judgments. And that opened […]

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