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Change is Coming!

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There are days when we are just knowing that change is coming yes?

change is coming

And I have indeed lived those days. One day is perfect and the next, welp we get to pick and choose yes? So when I started my adventure with CBD oil, it was one of THOSE days.

You know, where we have to find an option to live differently, no matter what?

When we are living with physical conditions that do not have easy answers, we have to be our own advocate. yes?

At least that is what I learned. I could not rely on the medical field, as they were just practicing also.

So when I found out about CBD oil and what it can do for your body, I was beginning to see there might be a happy dance coming.

change is coming


I could not believe that such a concentrated tiny amount would just change my life. At first I used ones with THC, but have since made the switch to no THC.

And now since I am such a huge fan of CBD oil, I also became part of Changing the Future Outcome.(CTFO). Don’t you just love that name? Its so metaphorical for me, because well we are definitely changing our future outcome!

It’s a Network Marketing company that sells CBD products while allowing each of us Independent Associates, to build our own business.

And I was just sold instantly, because I so believe in the product.

I have heard amazing stories like mine too. From  weight loss, anxiety and depression, and cancer to chronic pain, lives have been changed. And the list is endless of what ailments are being helped by CBD oil.

But I can tell you what it is like now for me, to be part of the living again.

First off, I cannot believe that I have my life back. I am able to travel. And now I am working with my own business, and blog.

change is coming

Prior to CBD oil, I could not count on any moment.

I could not make plans, or be participatory. Because I just never knew when the next seizure like episode was going to knock me down.

And it ended up putting me in a wheelchair, because my muscles had become so damaged by the constant loss of blood flow.

So at this moment I celebrate all that I can do. I understand that living with chronic conditions means that some days are easier that others.

change is coming

I was told I would never walk again. I did not buy into that.

So I did teach myself to walk again.

For a period of time I was able to be fully walking. Wow.

That was like a Helen Keller moment. I walked everywhere. I even hiked and walked mountain trails… and drove on adventures.

And to say I was giddy with the freedom of walking, is an understatement. I had forgotten how fabulous it is to stand up and see things differently. Or how I could, grin, jaywalk without having to look for a curb cut out ramp.

Or the fact if the sidewalk was not wide enough I could just move my body sideways and get to the next step.

Things we don’t have the options for when we are wheelchair users.

I grabbed every second of that year.

Then I had a relapse.

Wow, that was such a huge surprise. After all, I thought I was invincible. Never even entered my head that this could happen. But it did.

And actually years ago my OT had said be prepared this could happen. But I just put it out of my head.

Now I am more prepared. And so much more healthy.

change is coming

And so some days I do walk.

Which is something I will never take for granted again.

Slowly, I am coming to grips that either way is just fine.  Relying on the wheelchair at the times that I need it is  A- okay!

So now I am a sometimes walker and a sometimes wheelchair user.

Not a bad combination.

I am totally grateful for my amazing magical wheelchair that takes me just about everywhere.

After all, I am not my physical body. I just happen to reside in it!

What I have learned though, is living in gratitude.

And the concept of change.

Gratitude is the vitamin for the soul!

change is coming


Here is the difference between using CBD oil and not. Before CBD oil, should I have episodes or relapses, my world would just shut down.

I would not be able to participate or do anything. And the pain would just be unremitting.

With my neurological stuff, I cannot do anything until my system literally reboots. So talk about learning patience!!

With CBD oil, the episodes are much less frequent, I can go weeks or months without any. And get this, when they do happen? They are shorter.

I just love this part, my recovery time is much quicker. It used to take me days to recover.

Which means if a lesser episode happens I can be on my feet within an hour.

Isn’t that is beyond amazing? Change is coming yet again!

Yeah, I think so.

So now it’s my mantra for everyone, change is coming!

The CBD oil is the change.

And your life is so worth it. Give yourself the chance to experience the change.

Choose life! Its so worth it!

Click Here to see the product line at CTFO to give yourself the chance! 

CBD oil is Mother Nature’s gift to us! Did you know that we have our own endocannibinoid system (ECS) that actually balances our internal systems? That means using CBD Oil actually is what the body is asking for!

100% LEGAL HEMP, NON GMO, NO PESTICIDES, NO THC (The intoxicant in marijuana)

If you, like me, are on a mission to get people out of pain and into thrive and wealth,well then start your own business for FREE! Click here. 

I am so loving meeting amazing new people and seeing change daily!

I so wish all of us days of change coming! Days when pain doesn’t run our world.  But rather joy and ease step in its place!

I know what CBD oil did for my life.

What are your thoughts on CBD oil?

And are you ready to be part of the change is coming movement with me?

I am creating a new paradigm shift. Moving into thrive. Sounds like a great next step yes? So come with me!

Light the path in peace and gratitude,

we see in love, we walk in love, we hear in love

CEO and Founder, Letschataboutcbd.com 


16 thoughts on “Change is Coming!”

  1. Waj says:

    Great article on the matter. I have been saying for years CBD Oil is almost miracle like, but unfortunately society has made it such a taboo topic. People are now starting to change!

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Waj,
      I so agree. Since its a gift from Mother Nature, it is 100% natural no side affects and so healthy for us. I so do hope that
      the world comes to grips with the gifts we are offered. And it seems to be happening. I am so happy you stopped by.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. tahani says:

    You inspire the world!
    Thank you for the amount of information shared.
    Really CBD Oil is a miracle!

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Tahani,
      You are so very kind! I am just me wanting to help one person at a time to be in peace and ease. And with everyone’s help, I am so hoping to do that. I so agree, MOther Nature gave us yet another miracle gift. Thank you so much for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. thomas says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! More people need to know about this product. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there living a lower quality of life than they could be, and just don’t know about the benefits of CBD oil. Keep getting the word out and keep inspiring 🙂

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Thomas
      So many thanks for you dropping by and for your kind words. It is so important to keep that information flowing..for I am on a mission to get people out of pain and into thrive right now! I wish you joy. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Thanks for sharing this information. I have heard so many stories about the healing people have experienced with CBD oil. I wish you all the best, and keep on sharing your love and positivity!

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Mariette,
      I am delighted you stopped by. Thank you for your very kind words and support. It is truly amazing the healing stories indeed. I am doing that daily. HOpe we get to chat again soon. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Crystal Lim says:

    Hi Ariel,

    CBD has been a hot topic in recent years and I have read quite a few articles regarding the health benefits it brings.
    Just wondering (because I am in Malaysia), do you need any kind of prescription in order to purchase it? And, in case you know, is it possible for me to purchase some of these CBDs through American website?

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Crystal,
      I sent you an email to help answer your questions. It is so amazing how this gift from MOther Nature can change and enhance our lives. I am grateful to you for stopping by. I wish you great success. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Michelle says:

    Hello Ariel,
    Such an awesome story. I wish you continued health on your journey. Yes, we need to embrace change sometimes in order to see progress. CBD Oil is a good healthy addition to anyone’s life and I can attest to that. All the best.

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Michelle, So many thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your support and kind words. I so agree. CBD oil is a golden gift from MOther Nature. So glad you know it works too. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Laura says:

    Oh Ariel! Your website is beautiful! Congratulations on creating such a lovely, enchanting place!

    Your story is inspirational! My husband suffers from chronic hip pain; sometimes he can hardly walk! I want to find out all I can about CBD. What’s the best way to do that?

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Laura, Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I would certainly recommnend CBD oil. Either the Isolate drops or the rub on cream. Do go to the website link that is on this article to see the products. And I am happy to help in any way possible. I did send you an email with further information. I do hope your husband gets the CBD oil. I am looking forward to hearing how it works for him. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. Hello ,
    We are so pleased to have found you and this article. It is such a hot topic and needed to talk about topic. So many wonderful benefits .

    1. ariel harris says:

      Hello Elaine and Scarlett, you are so right! It os both a hot topic and a gift from Mother Nature. Yes almost any ailment would be helped by CBD oil, from anxiety to diabetes. I am so delighted you stopped by. I hope we get to chat more. I so love what you are both doing and giving out in the world too.
      IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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