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Living Boundlessly, Stepping into Success!

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living boundless

Living boundlessly and in success was so in my face this weekend. Guess what I did?

This weekend I went to a place that was not on my bucket list, Las Vegas! And it was indeed an experience. I did have to get out of my own way and thoughts and judgments. And that opened my eyes to so many possibilities. And the thought of being and living boundless.

I went there for a business conference and came home willing to face my own boundaries. Hmm, that is the hard part of living, yes?

And each step of the weekend was a new path to understanding. The conference was on CBD oil with the company CTFO. So besides the fact that incredible new products are now available,from vapes to gummies to hair growth..we had some exceptional speakers also.

One in particular truly resonated with me. Her name is Chelsie Hill. Have you heard of her? She was training to be a dancer at 18 but instead ended up without use of her legs! She had taken a ride with a drunk driver and awakend to find herself paralyzed from the belly button down. It completely changed her world.

She  talks about being bounded…and then stepping into boundless.

And as a wheelchair user myself, I so get this. Have you heard the term wheelchair bound? That is so not true! We are physically in the wheelchair. But it certainly does not hold us back.

And Chelsie used that as she recovered from that horrible accident that left her legs paralyzed. And slowly she regained her capacity to dance. Because that is truly what she wanted to do.

So she is creating her own legacy.. guess what she did? She founded The Rollettes. It’s a dancing troupe that dances with wheelchairs. And she also holds a camp each summer for girls that are in wheelchairs. Amazing yes?

living boundless

This is what Chelsie says about being boundless: 

  1. What ever your situation is, it is not all that you are.
  2. Use all things that you love about life and your future which is so powerful
  3. Find others that deal with their somethings, their situation, and still do life so well.
  4. Don’t let others define you
  5. Make a daily choice to be boundless

living boundlessly

So that led me to think.. what are we doing daily to live in boundlessness? 

What daily choice do we make to live this? What boundaries are placed on on us..or that we place on us ..that is holding us back?

Asking ourselves these questions allows us to grow in ways that are so healing and life changing, aren’t they?

I face this every day. As a wheelchair user even the simplest of things have to be seen as boundless. There are places that I simply cannot even access.. like businesses that have steps rather than ramps, or buildings that do not have elevators.

We all have to face stumbling blocks, no matter if they are physical or emotional or spiritual,  but they are only obstacles if we choose to see them that way. Yes?

living boundless

So my living boundlessly has taught me that I am indeed so much more than my physical. And I want that for all of us. Get out of our own way.

Find the clues to your own happiness.. and then forge that path. It so inspires others. But you know what is even more powerful? You will just love this.. we learn how to inspire ourselves. Yup! You will inspire you!

And that is beyond potent. For if we light our own fire, that amazing deep within us fire of knowing, there is no boundaries, nothing to stop us. We are then living boundless!

living boundlessly

And I know we each have that in us. No matter what.

I have a friend that is part of my success team. She is in a wheelchair 24/7. And the only limbs that she can use are her hands. So each day she gets herself to the computer and forces those hands to lay upon the keyboard. and she writes a blog.

So yeah, can we do this? OH YES WE CAN!

What are you waiting for? This is your time. Your next step could be the one that totally changes your world. So what’s it going to be?

living boundless

CBD oil is good for all that ails you! It’s Mother Nature’s gift to us!

Chelsie HIlls, father became a distributor for CTFO because of Chelsie.

So if there is anyone in your family, friends, church who needs this help . We are here. CTFO & CBD oil changes lives in so many ways.. community, health, wealth and spiritual growth. Grow your business with me.. 

If you are living in pain for any reason,click here and  give this a try.  I am living testimony that CBD oil can totally change your life. Ask me about it!

As another amazing man said to me this weekend.. Jose Garriaga Jr, do these two things:

  1. Embark on a quest to be the healthiest you can be. It inspires others.
  2. Be the source for CBD oil. So we get to change lives.

Being and living boundless, its a way of life! Its the way to understanding how much more we can be. For then we truly step into the gift and fullness of ourselves. How much more priceless can anything be?

So here is my wish for you:

living boundless

Living boundlessly is a choice. Step into it!

May your world grow each moment each day.

And may you know that as you love yourself, your world changes and love comes to you in ways that you could only dream about.

So off you go.. life awaits you. Live boundlessly and live the love you are!

Light the path in peace and gratitude, 

We see in love, we hear in love, we speak in love. 

Founder, letschataboutcbd. com

Empower the fullness of life. Be your own boundless self!

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2 thoughts on “Living Boundlessly, Stepping into Success!”

  1. Gary says:

    Chelsie’s story is truly an inspiring one. It seems that for many of us, our best selves come forward when we’re really challenged. Unfortunately, for some, those challenges become insurmountable. We all face challenges every day. Most are minor, some are daily challenges and occasionally, some are life-changing. Adapt or die is a tenet of life. And hearing the story of how Chelsie has faced her challenge makes me realize that the challenges I fret over are miniscule in comparison. The limitations we face in life are so often self-imposed. The trick is in learning how to get out of our own way.

    1. ariel harris says:

      I so like the way you said this Gary! It is so true we are hampered only by our own thoughts and perception. And although whatever happens to us is important, it does not determine that value of what we can do with it. It is such an awe inspiring story of Chelsie. And then her DAd is now a huge advocate of CBD oil and has a huge business. Amazing how life brings us to our knees and then we see the new path, yes? So many thanks for stopping by Gary. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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