Let's chat about CBD Oil! action People that Inspire Me… Who Are Yours?

People that Inspire Me… Who Are Yours?

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people that inspire

There are moments in our lives when gratitude is the river we live in. And many times it shows up in people that inspire us. That keeps our dance of flow in ways that are immeasurable and so loving.

Do you know what I mean?

Let me tell you a story.

Years ago, I was part of an artist collective. We all had our own booths with our handmade wares. It was a place of inspiring creativity and connection. I so loved being a part of this.

And then I got sick and could no longer participate. I felt the loss deeply.

But one of my new found artist friends started something amazing. He simply came to see me every single day. Yeah!

And to this day we are our go to’s. We speak every day on the phone. We coddle each other, we push each other’s limits.  And we delve deep into what rising up can mean to how we choose to live.

It is a relationship that I so cherish.

people that inspire

And we disagree at times with each other. Arggh..and it’s not always pretty. But we have taught each other how to be totally transparent without judgment. And that is so huge. It gives me the courage to live that transparency in all aspects of my life.

At times he is wary of my choices, and never hesitates to voice his objection. And wow, he is really clear about it. Grin. I mean, after all, he is a guy. LOL. He worries that I push too hard or he feels like I am always trying to prove things to myself. Beyond my physical limitations.

Yet he is my biggest supporter. He knows that if I am pushing there is a method to this oh- no -here- she- goes -again madness.

And he gives me the most amazing gifts. When I was first in the wheelchair we lived in the same city then. So he said meet me at 2pm! We are going on  tour of our city. Really? Wow, ok!

people that inspire


Going out in a wheelchair can at times be, umm, somewhat daunting and clumsy. And people tend to move out of the way and treat you very gingerly.

Nope, not J! Gave me the best gift ever.. he made me feel totally normal. As if the wheelchair at times did not exist.. and yet he also made jokes about the chair. Just treated the entire outing as normal. Two friends out and about!

He had no idea of what a huge love gift that was. And it was so simple to give. I was so used to people seeing the wheelchair as an impediment to doing things. But he decided to see the potential.

Amazing yes?

So how many of us have that sort of connection in our lives?

I heard somewhere that when we do, our besties, our women friends, that so love us and hear us, that we can live an extra 10 years because of this kind of love. Talk about powerful yes?

people that inspire

People that inspire are the ones we want in our lives yes?

And so many of us are looking for connection and community.

Yet are we aware of how much we do have? Maybe it does not look like how we exactly want it to be, But it is still so very there.

people that inspire


Wouldn’t it be so cool to start our own friendship collective? We don’t have to live in the same place or even the same country.. but know we are all there to support, love and cherish each other.

Talk about changing the vibrational energy, yes?

How many of us choose to be the empowerer of simple loving? How many of us have people that inspire our lives?

So I am encouraging you to reach out to me, to others and start writing or calling one person a day. And create a world of kindness that just lifts one heart. Because if you can be the people that inspire, wow you just changed the world.

people that inspire

Because you know what? It doesn’t just lift the others, it lifts enriches and just grows your heart too.

Whether in our business or private lives.Giving is a way of life.


Have you heard the term servant leadership? It is just leading to inspire and empower others to step into their own potential. I so see this as a calling. We serve to rise. We serve to give, We serve to simply love.

And that is how I see my CTFO CBD family. We so lift each other up.

This friend of mine J, he got me through times where I thought my life was ending because of physical challenges. So just imagine that you could be that for someone else? Or even more important. That we learn how to inspire ourselves.

Knowing that no matter what, we are here to love ourselves in ways that no one else ever could. That starts our path to servant leadership. For when we love ourselves we can easily llft and love others, yes?

people that inspire

Because we know we are so worth it.

And I am grateful for my mentor too. He has taught me clarity, focus and possibility. That being on the NOW plan is the best way to live. For we only have now, this moment. And what is more gorgeous than this moment of sharing? And let’s not forget, the generosity of heart. That giving to others is truly the way to live. Thank you Bo!

Then there is my friend Rachel who calls every day and says, hi beautiful, do you need food today? Really someone does this each day for me? How blessed am I? I only hope that I give back the reflected love 10 fold! We also find ways to laugh with each other.

My friend Lynn, inspires me daily. You know why? She never gives up. She knows challenges and decides to just plow right through them. I am amazed at her power. And grateful for her modeling that to me.

people that inspire

Then there is Glenn. My oh we have spent lifetimes before being each other’s counsel. We check in daily to just spread the love. And each time we get off the phone we never end without saying I am so grateful you are in my life.

people that inspire

And my mastermind accountability buddy and lovely friend, Michelle! She is so busy with her job, her child, her husband, her own entrepreneurship.. and yet we make time every day just to check in. So grateful.

To Carl, so many thanks for offering to let me see my potential with CTFO. So grateful to you.

And to our amazing TEAM THRIVE!  Our business is truly thriving and growing each day.

people that inspire

I am in awe of my TEAM THRIVE success teammates who day after day just do the work. One does it with little access to electricity even! And another can only use her hands. And each of us is stepping into our never-ending potential. All of us on a mission to get people out of pain and into thrive and wealth.

And Yvette who keeps the sunshine meter high!

Thank you all for choosing to share this journey with me. I cannot wait to see what the future of our success will look like!

My gratitude has no bounds.

people that inspire

Do we know how truly blessed we are? Do we count our blessings? My mother’s favorite was Psalm 23. “my cup runneth over.” I so live that each day.

So today on this amazing day that we have never seen before, we rise. In love in connection and joy. And that is our world of being inspired.  And mostly in potential.

 people that inspire us

People that inspire us, raise our Potential Meter, yes? 

Know what I mean about our potential meter? Its that clean slate we start with each day. That allows us to raise it higher and higher eacn moment.

What is your potential meter today? I so want to hear about it ok?

And it started me thinking about how we so need connections like this. It keeps us healthy and knowing we are loved, yes?

people that inspire

So here at letschataboutCBD.com, it’s also about how we rise for each other. We get well physically.  Then we get strong and stand strong in our loving countenance  and our own truth light of gratitude.

Come share this journey with me in connecting. And start your own potential collective. For we are the best of the people that inspire us.

Who are the 5 people that inspire and raise you?

Light the path in peace and gratitude,

we walk in love, we speak in love , we hear in love 

Founder, Letschataboutcbd.com 

Each moment is the next step to potential 

If you, or someone you know or love is living in pain, I am on a mission to change our lives from pain to thrive. So please do contact me.  I will answer promptly. 

Want to join me in my revolution? Create a FREE business and grow hearts and wealth? Just click here. 


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