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Hello, I am ariel!

I am so happy you stopped by. One of the things I have become expert at lately is living with pain. So when I discovered CBD oil it truly changed my life.

Here is a bit of my story.

I live with several autoimmune problems and a rare neurological chronic state. And as we all know, with health dilemmas there are not always answers.

Especially if you are living with ones that just are not known.

So it has been my work to find out how to be my own contractor of health.

That means I am the strongest advocate and researcher to finding ways that make my world a little bit easier and fuller. And I have to be willing to educate others.

When I was told that I would need to spend the rest of my life in a nursing home, and probably never walk again. Welp, to say the least, that was so hard to hear. Not one of my best days.

It took me a bit after living in a state of isolation and a bit of darkness to realize, I was not this state of dis-ease.

Nor was what the health care profession telling me was what I could see as going forward.

It was their opinion. It was not mine.

And that gave me a fabulous sense of empowerment. I am not anyone else’s opinion.

Nor would I let anyone really decide my fate.

So that began a journey. A journey to self that has been a most enormous gift.

Finding CBD oil has allowed me to get back to my life instead of living in constant illness and pain.

So this site is dedicated to stories, and education.

And learning how to thrive no matter what.

I am on a mission here. And I hope you join my journey to get us out of pain and into thrive!

Do contact me with any questions, or your own stories of how CBD oil has changed your world. I so want to hear them.

I would be happy to publish them here on this site.

I am a believer in the positive. I know we can change our lives, we just have to make that choice. yes?



Light the path in peace and gratitude, 

we see in love, we speak in love, we hear in love 

founder of letschataboutcbd.com



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